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Image licence



Image licensing
Just everything is possible! Prices will verify from 80€ for a single frame, to thousands euros for high image count, depending on the quota the prices will be cheaper by the numbers.
All image rights remain to Ferry Veldhuizen Photography and every licensing will be signed by contract.
Dont hesitate to aks me everything, I would be pleased to work with you!
please go to the contact form, and give me as much as info you can.


Print Rental
Prints are the most rewarding decorations on every wall, but why spend lots of money on 1 print?
Its possible to rent prints from me, they will be on A2 print size on fine art paper, the highest quality and framing for each wall, standart contract is 4x prints a year on exchange service, prices will verify on how many exchanges you want, please send me a message on my contact form and I will be in touch as soon as possible!


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