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Hi guys!
So who's this guy?
Maybe as you can mention from my website address, Ferry!
And as per surname Veldhuizen, which is freely translated "field home"


Born and raised as a "dutch man" in the my beloved country the Netherlands, living in a small city next to Amsterdam.
32 years of age and about 1.80M tall.

Next to my beloved passion for landscape photography, is my main profession actually a Aircraft mechanic at the KLM royal dutch Airlines!
Lots of people do ask me then, can you fly cheap?! YES, and Ill do this often :-)

Further more I just love hiking and being up high in the mountains, the big open space with a killer sky is what my heart gets pumping!
You can also find lots of seascapes and jetty's in my portfolio, im a huge fan of water scapes, sea's, just about everything with water in it :-D

So, when all of this started? its was always around and in me, my grandma was a beloved painter and was actually a student of Bob Ross him self!
Started with a Panasonic Lumix GX7 as my first real camera, 14 years of age i was capturing frames at the sea of Zandvoort's beach, capturing sky's or sand patterns.

Until this moment, 19 images where selected for magazines, won prizes or being selected to premium gallery's!
you can find most of my imagery on my facebook/instagram, go check them out!
Any further questions? don't hassle to ask!


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